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I'm trying to install momentjs using bower:

bower install -S momentjs

But I get the following error:

bower ngStorage#0.3.0       not-cached git://
bower ngStorage#0.3.0          resolve git://
bower momentjs#2.6.0            cached git://
bower momentjs#2.6.0          validate 2.6.0 against git://
bower momentjs#*                cached git://
bower momentjs#*              validate 2.6.0 against git://*
bower ngStorage#0.3.0     ENORESTARGET No tag found that was able to satisfy 0.3.0

Additional error details:
Available versions: 0.1.7, 0.1.6, 0.1.5

It looks like there's some sort of mix up between different repositories named ngStorage.

bower search ngStorage


Search results:

    ngstorage git://
    ngStorage git://

The #0.3.0 tag exists for gsklee/ngStorage, but not for agrublev/ngStorage. (I already have the gsklee package installed for my project.)

How can I can workaround or fix whatever it is that is giving the error when trying to install momentjs?

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I managed to solve this by:

1) Removing the following line from bower.json:

"ngStorage": "0.3.0"

2) Installing momentjs using:

bower install -S momentjs

3) Reinstalling ngstorage using:

bower install -S ngstorage

I suspect the issue was that I had manually edited bower.json (hadn't used -S while installing) and had the wrong entry for the ngstorage dependency (it was nsStorage, but should have been ngstorage - case sensitive)

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