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I have installed backtrack 5 r3 in my 16GB usb drive in "persistent" mode. Now, I want to take a boot of backtrack in my Android phone via OTG. Can I do that? Any ideas how it can be done?

Note:I have already installed BT in my USB.

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No, for two reasons. First, you would need a linux installation compatible with your device hardware. Second, you would need a bootloader willing to boot from a USB mass storage device, which few (if indeed any) android phones normally have. Lastly, this is off topic as it is not a development question. –  Chris Stratton Apr 23 at 15:44
I think linux installation is compatible with my device. I have seen videos of how to install backtrack/ubuntu on android phone. If anyone can edit bootloader or develop new upgraded bootloader then why can't it be done? –  Gargeya Kulkarni Apr 23 at 15:50