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I was curious about how other people use the this keyword. I tend to use it in constructors, but I may also use it throughout the class in other methods. Some examples:

In a constructor:

public Light(Vector v)
    this.dir = new Vector(v);


public void SomeMethod()
    Vector vec = new Vector();
    double d = (vec * vec) - (this.radius * this.radius);
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In Jakub Šturc's answer his #5 about passing data between contructors probably could use a little explanation. This is in overloading constructors and is the one case where use of this is mandatory. In the following example we can call the parameterized constructor from the parameterless constructor with a default parameter.

class MyClass {
    private int _x
    public MyClass() : this(5) {}
    public MyClass(int v) { _x = v;}

I've found this to be a particularly useful feature on occasion.

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You should not use "this" unless you absolutely must.

There IS a penalty associated with unnecessary verbosity. You should strive for code that is exactly as long as it needs to be, and no longer.

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I think it says somewhere in the MS Coding Guidelines that generally you should always access via this ...

I do on most occasions but sometimes when working on close-knit code like loops and stuff with lots of variable, I find it gets messy..

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Never. Ever. If you have variable shadowing, your naming conventions are on crack. I mean, really, no distinguishing naming for member variables? Facepalm

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