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I'm committed to EF as I'm currently using it in a project but I also find it a major pain and learning curve as there are some things it does not do well that I would expect it to.

Does anyone know if the following issues are any easier in EF 4.0?

  1. Foreign key access, sometimes you want the foreign key from a table rather than an entity reference. Current EF hides the key.
  2. Enumeration management. I have simple classes that include properties based on enums but mapping them to EF is a real pain as it does not handle them natively.
  3. Designer bugs. When you delete a designer element (such as a table) from the EDMX it is ot truly removed and you can't add it again unless you edit the XML which can be complex.
  4. There are more areas where EF is a pain but I think I've blocked them from my conscious at the moment, so any other bug fixes / improvements?

Yes, I could read the MS fluff, but they said EF was ready for use before and in my opinion, it was not.


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I am using vs2010 in my project with EF.

1.- yes, it is easy.

2.- I can not talk based on my experience, but I think is difficult yet: http://blogs.msdn.com/alexj/archive/2009/06/05/tip-23-how-to-fake-enums-in-ef-4.aspx

3.- Solved.

4.- I think that POCO support is not good enough yet, I would use EF entities or change to nhibernate if you want PI.

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