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I ran into an issue where Javascript events are not being triggered if it's assigned to a hyperlink tag. If I change it to a button, there is no issue. I have also run into the same issue with assigning an event to a div.

<a data-open-panel>Open</a>

$('body').on('click', '[data-open-panel]', function(e){

$('[data-open-panel]').on('click', function(e){

Since this is only happening on Android browser only, I'm a little hesitant to do something specific for it. Is there a good workaround for this? My issue is that it's also not consistently an issue. I have cases where this work also. Selector is definitely not an issue based on what I saw when debugging on the phone.

I'm using jQuery version 2.1.0.

Any pointer on where I should look? I spent a couple days looking and debugging, but no luck so far. It's trial and error right now.

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