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I trying to write elf executable loader program for ARM platform.I have some Queries here

1) How to generate relocatable or position independent ELF executable(what are the compiler & linker options) 2) How to load this above generated ELF executable file.

As astart , i did some work and it is working fine. I am using a fixed address for RO_Base and not splitting the Segments while building(not using any --split option), so that I am getting a contiguous code,data,bss sections. after this I am loading the elf to the same address as RO_Base and executing the code as new thread. this is working fine. I have not done any relocations etc...

Now I want to make it dynamic and able to load to any address by generating relocatable ELF and modifying the Loader to appropriate changes. Please help me in making it work.


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Just use -r flag to linker to make file relocatable.

Use something like this to relocate file in memory.

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It is a big topic. I will come to the reference "Linkers and Loaders" by John R. Levine. Here is the manuscript of the book, Chapter 7 Relocation, I hope it helpful

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