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i'm currently working on a crawler written with C++ for a search engine, the crawler will get a list of HTML files and need to extract HTML tags and put them into a file.

i heard about using an XML parser but i can't figure out how to convert the HTML file to XHTML, in addition to that, converting to XHTML is expensive in term of performance. and html parser's in C++ are almost non-existent. the third way is using boost regex to extract these tags from the HTML files, but i need to extract all the tags(p, h1, h2, a ...) so it will be a little bit too long to do.

any other solutions to how can i get HTML tags in C++? thank you

NOTE: i know this question maybe asked a lot of times but i can't find the answer i'm new to programming, so people who are playing the good mods don't downvote this please.

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This seems to be a dupe of Jsoup like html parser for C++ which, by the way, was the first google result for "c++ html parsing". And the answer is: you want QWebElement. –  Massa Apr 23 at 18:37
i'm coding in linux , can i use QT in it ? –  Reda Apr 23 at 19:12
Qt is free, multiplatform software, so, yes (I use mostly Linux myself)... –  Massa Apr 23 at 20:39
THANK YOU @Massa –  Reda Apr 23 at 22:27

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Try to parse it using xml parser, I usually use RapidXML Check it here

You will get all tags and attributes of the HTML file.

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can you just explain more, like how can i get the xml file from html thanks –  Reda Apr 23 at 19:08
Check out this [rapidxml.sourceforge.net/…, it shows how you can get xml_document<> doc;, which includes all tags and attributes. –  Samer Apr 23 at 20:05
Check out this question also: <stackoverflow.com/questions/2808022/…; –  Samer Apr 23 at 20:11
thank you @Samer i upvoted your answer –  Reda Apr 23 at 22:28

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