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I have a website that generates a page via javascript using window.showmodaldialog. When using the Selenium IDE and firefox I was forced to monkeypatch the javascript to insert a new function to return the value from the dialog, convert window.showmodaldialog to,

driver.execute_script("function setRetVal(mval) { window.myreturnval = mval;  }")
driver.execute_script("window.showModalDialog = function( sURL,vArguments, sFeatures) { if(window.myreturnval!=null) { var winarg = window.myreturnval; window.myreturnval = null; return winarg; } modalWin =, vArguments, sFeatures); return false; }")

and modify onbeforeupload to send the result back.

driver.execute_script("window.onbeforeunload = function() { window.opener.setRetVal(window.returnValue); } ")

I'm now trying to convert to a python + selenium webdriver for testing purposes. I'd really like to get away from injecting new javascript during testing. The problem is that


triggers this code

<a href="#" id="MainContent_buttonAccountLookup" 
            %=textBoxAccountName.ClientID %>&#39;,&#39;&lt;%=hiddenFieldAccountId.ClientID %>&#39;)
            ;return false;">
    <img alt="Account Lookup" src="../Images/search.GIF" border="0" />

which doesn't release control back to the python script until the window is closed.

How do I initiate a click so that I can get control of the new window, do my steps and close it?

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You can switch to the new window after it is opened:

current_window = driver.current_window_handle
for handle in driver.window_handles:
    if handle != current_window:

// perform actions
// close window

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That is what everyone says, but that does not work in reality. After the click script execution is halted until the window closes. – WombatPM Apr 23 '14 at 18:43
I think I have an X-Y problem. I'll accept your answer and reask the question. – WombatPM May 6 '14 at 16:22

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