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I need to print an array backwards in assembly language. I can print it directly, and backwards but I can't figure out how to print out the same random numbers backwards again... My professor said I need to copy it to an array called target, but I can't find anywhere in the book how to copy an array to an array o.O and then print it out.

any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

;TITLE random (random.asm)

INCLUDE Irvine32.inc


a dword -20
b dword 0
delta dword ?
space byte " ",0

  call randomize
  mov eax, b
  sub eax, a
  inc eax
  mov delta, eax
  mov edx, offset space

  mov eax, 100

     mov eax, delta     ;
     call randomrange   ; picks random numbers
     add eax, a       

     call writeint
     call writestring
  loop loop1


END main
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Write a loop which copies the elements one-by-one. The loop can be as short as rep movsd if you initialize the registers properly. –  pts Apr 23 at 18:49
Would you mind giving me an example? @pts –  Pants Apr 23 at 23:37
BUMP anybody??? –  Pants Apr 24 at 16:36
Read section 4.4 of your book: Indirect Addressing. Also, 4.5.4 has an example of how to copy a string (which is an array). –  1.618 Apr 25 at 16:13
Thanks I had already figured it out @1.618 –  Pants Apr 25 at 19:49
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