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I've got a load of materialized views, some of them take just a few seconds to create and refresh, whereas others can take me up to 40 minutes to compile, if SQLDeveloper doesn't crash before that.

I need to aggregate some strings in my query, and I have the following function

create or replace
function stragg
  ( input varchar2 )
  return varchar2
  aggregate using stragg_type

Then, in my MV I use a select statement such as

  STRAGG (DISTINCT per.person_name) as PERSONS
 HOUSES hse,

This is great, because it gives me the following :

 refno        persons
 1            Dave, John, Mary
 2            Jack, Jill

Instead of :

 refno        persons
 1            Dave
 1            John
 1            Mary
 2            Jack 
 2            Jill

It seems that when I use this STRAGG function, the time it takes to create/refresh an MV increases dramatically. Is there an alternative method to achieve a comma separate list of values? I use this throughout my MVs so it is quite a required feature for me


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Are you sure it's stragg's fault? What's the plan for the query? – Jeffrey Kemp Feb 25 '10 at 0:14
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There are a number of techniques for string aggregation at the link below. They might provide better performance for you.

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Thanks for the link, I've tried WM_CONCAT but its even slower than STRAGG, but about 100%. Might have to try some customized options as described there – Jimmy Feb 24 '10 at 14:16

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