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I want to build a site with this domain structure and flexiblily.

My main advertising site will be at

Customers will log into their admin portal at

The world will have access to each customer's public site at

That part is straight forward and I can handle it, but I also want to do the following:

I want to give the customer the option to buy a domain name, from an outside seller, and somehow link it to their public site. So they can have a regular domain name of their choice instead of having people go to a subdomain address like

The customer can either buy a domain or use one they already own and is hosted at godaddy and make it redirect to their public site: redirects to

I won't have access to the customers domain name,, which will be hosted by godaddy. My site, is not hosted by godaddy and the customer's site, isn't either. How can this be done in general, I'm not looking for specific directions with godaddy.

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You can set this up with a CNAME record. would be a CNAME that points at, which the customer would set up at their domain registrar (godaddy, namecheap, gandi, etc).

One caveat with CNAMEs is that they should only be applied to subdomains like www. Applying them to the root leads to really bad things, so they should use their registrar's DNS settings to redirect to

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