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Im runing Solaris 10 - but im having problems with the keyboard.

Instead of - i get /, and instead of y i get z, etc. I tried changing every option in the menu "Keyboard Behaviour". I also tried changing kmdconfig from xorg to xsun, but then the graphics goes all wild and ugly - although the keyboard works fine then. Also cant change resolution in xsun mode.

By the way, im runing Solaris from Vmware, but i doubt this has anything to do with this.

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Leave the graphic environment to the console:

dtconfig -d
dtconfig -reset

Select the correct keyboard layout you use:

kbd -s

Load it:


Check the keys are working properly. If okay, enable the graphical environment again:

dtconfig -e

If that still works, make that choice persistent after a reboot by updating your eeprom. eg:

eeprom kbd-type=Spanish
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How do i get to console? At login screen, choose Command Line Login? –  Tool Feb 24 '10 at 13:37
I already wrote it. You do it with the dtconfig commands posted. –  jlliagre Feb 24 '10 at 16:34
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  1. This should be migrated to superuser.com

  2. It seems that you are expecting a german keyboard layout but are getting a US layout - at least the differences you are seeing are differences between those layouts. I don't know where to change that in openSolaris, but maybe it helps you find the correct place to look. Whatever desktop environment that you are using, it should have a tool to change the keyboard layout, probably somewhere with the other internationalization settings.

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