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Given the following:

open System.Linq

let even n = n % 2 = 0

let seqA = seq { 0..2..10 }

this is a valid expression:


but this is not:


Why is passing even to Where allowed but not to All?

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What is the error message you are getting? –  Robert Harvey Apr 23 at 22:30
My guess is you've discovered a bug. I would send this to fsbugs@microsoft.com. –  Daniel Apr 23 at 22:31
This seems to be another case of this. As a workaround, seqA.All(System.Func<_,_>(even)) should work, or seqA.All(fun x -> even x). –  Christoph Rüegg Apr 23 at 22:48
FYI, I've just opened an idea on uservoice for this. –  Christoph Rüegg Apr 23 at 22:57
@Daniel fsbugs requested that I open an issue on their codeplex site. Here it is. –  dharmatech Apr 24 at 1:27
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