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We have to copy objects across between a web worker and the main application. We have set up a system where, for each class that is copied across, we define an interface and then a class that implements the interface.

This works great because the JSON that is copied across can be cast to the interface and then the properties can be assigned. It's not critical to have the class implement the interface, but it's clean and probably will reduce bugs.

But we have a problem. We use the typescript-collections class. So my class will have:

export class DocHeader {

    public format:DocumentFormat;
    public fonts : collections.LinkedList<fonts.FontAttributes>;
    public styles : collections.Dictionary<string, styles.Style>;

But the JSON is an array and therefore will be:

export interface IDocHeader {

    fonts : fonts.FontAttributes[];
    styles : styles.Style[];

I know the answer is probably "no, not possible." But I figure it never hurts to ask. Is there some type (and not any) like IEnumerable at least that I can use in the interface that matches both uses?

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I don't understand what you're looking for? Dictionary<string, Style> and Style[] have literally nothing in common. You can't do anything with one that you could also do with the other. –  Ryan Cavanaugh Apr 23 at 22:45
@RyanCavanaugh - correct. In C# I could make this work using IEnumerable, even with a Dictionary. But I think in javascript, since the JSON by definition is an array, there's no way. –  David Thielen Apr 23 at 23:13
The Dictionary more than likely matches any better than it does an array. It's likely that the data is stored as an associative array inside of the Dictionary. –  WiredPrairie Apr 23 at 23:25
Have you considered an interface for IDictionary<k, v>? –  WiredPrairie Apr 23 at 23:27
@WiredPrairie - the interface is a really good idea. I think I'll try that. thanks. –  David Thielen Apr 23 at 23:27

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The JSON type you're looking for is an associative array:

export interface IDocHeader {
    format: DocumentFormat;
    fonts: fonts.FontAttributes[];
    styles: { [styleId: string]: styles.Style; };
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