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What are the best Cocoa-Touch/iPhone programming blogs? One blog per answer please.

Some answers may overlap with Best Cocoa/Mac OS X programming blogs? , but I'm looking for blogs with good meaty iPhone specific content (i.e. code)

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www.buildmobilesoftware.com has some nice tutorials and business topics – Sheehan Alam Aug 9 '10 at 21:42

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My favorite one also has the best name:

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend

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Cocoa With Love. This guy writes quite clean code too.

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Ray Wenderlich. Although the blog is younger than the others he has build a community with several guest writers and the blog is very active and covers current developments.

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Includes great tutorials which takes you from a simple Hello World application to a fully functional to-do application.

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  • Mobile Orchard has low-to-medium post frequency but has some pretty good stuff on it (edit: it appears it was sold and is now at best low-quality).
  • iPhone Flow is a decent link blog for dev stuff also.
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I like Craig Hockenberry's http://furbo.org

[edited to only include one blog per]

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iPhone Developer Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

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three blogs in one answer... i can only give one vote :) – craigb Oct 24 '08 at 6:24
Fixed that :p Didn't read the requirements. – Ronnie Liew Oct 24 '08 at 6:35

iPhone Development

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The Mac Developer network now give free access to their aggregate blog at:


Note that this aggregates lots of different iPhone and Mac blogs into one place, it does not have it's own content.

It's got some great content on it and saves you having to subscribe to lots of blogs yourself.

Just a thought.

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O'Reilly media's Inside iPhone

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I would recomend


who is also an author of a best-selling iPhone application development book.

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Also Ed Voas's (author of Tweetsville, now works for Apple) http://www.fieryrobot.com/blog/

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http://iphonedevelopmentbits.com/- iPhoneDevelopmentBits is a blog about latest news on the iPhone development, resources available for development on iPhone and anything that concerns iPhone Programmers.

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I am a horrible, horrible NOOB(gasp!) but ...

Best Blog-- cocoawithlove.com

Best Video Tutorials-- Nitrex88 at iphonedevcentral.com

Best Podcast-- Late Night Cocoa

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iPhone Developer Tips

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One of my favorite:


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I just started this one:


Topic proposals are welcome :)

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