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In sublime I know even if you don't save the changes in a file later one you can start from where you left off. I opened a new tab in sublime and closed the application before I save my file. Does sublime save a temp file somewhere in the computer (I am using MAC OSx)

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I checked: Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Settings/ but couldn't find it. –  kou Apr 24 at 0:33
It must save it in a temp file isn't it? –  pjp Apr 24 at 10:25

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As far as I know, Sublime Text keeps open files when you quit the application. However, if you close the tabs or project window without saving, the changes are lost.

In the former case, the files are saved in Local/Session.sublime-session (I'm using ST3 though, could be different in ST2!) You can open ST's packages folder from the command palette using "Browse Packages".

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