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Been receiving a lot of spam member registrations through our Expression Engine based website.

The site uses the Profile:Edit module to handle registrations.

I have tried many anti-spam methods to no avail -- captcha, recaptcha, honeepot, honeypots etc. you name it!

It seems like the spam bot is some how getting around my registration form and submitting entries some other way.

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After browsing the server's raw access logs I could see the spammer was actually posting registrations submissions to /member/register which is a member registration page automatically created by Expression Engine -- I had no idea.

If you go to Control Panel -> Members -> Preferences you can edit the value of the Profile Triggering Word -- change this to stop spammers, or set it to # to prevent access to these automated pages all-together.

Profile Triggering Word -- When this word is encountered your URL it will display your member profile area. The word you choose cannot be the name of an existing template group.

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