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How would one rotate a 4 bit binary number 4 places using only AND, OR, XOR gates?

The inputs could be called x_0, x_1, x_2, x_3 where x_3 is MSB and x_0 is LSB.

For example 1010 rotated right 4 places would be 0101.

I can't seem to find any sources to do this.

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A 4-bit number rotated 4 bits in either direction is the same number you started with. I think someone is playing a joke on you.

Actually what you showed is bit-reversing the number, not rotating it.

To implement a bit-reverser as a combinatorial function, you need 4 pieces of wire. Connect Input[i] to Output[3-i].

To implement it as a state machine, use gates to implement 4 clocked D-type flip flops (see the Wikipedia page for a diagram. Connect Input[i] to Output[3-i].

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Since you are moving 4 positions a 4 bit binary number, you get the same number.

For example, if you have the binary number 1000, the rotations will be:

1st: 0100 - 2nd: 0010 - 3rd: 0001 - 4th: 1000

As you can see, after 4 rotations you get the same number. Then you don't need any AND, OR, XOR gate.

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