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I have three text fields, lets name them:

  1. textField1.
  2. textField2
  3. textField3

I want to write an if statement if the value (integer) of textField1 is changed to set textField2 and textField3 to equal 0 if they have no number entered within them.

Likewise with textField2 to change textField1 and textField3, etc.

I have tried to check if

 textField2 = nil;
    if textField2 = @""

Neither work!

How do I do so?

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clarify your question, what have you tried? –  MaKo Apr 24 at 3:15

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The best way to check if a text field has any text is to do:

if (textField2.text.length == 0) {
    // no text
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Use textField.text property to check the text in textField. You can use

if ([textField1.text length] == 0)

to check textfield is empty or not

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The 2nd approach is best since textField.text can be nil. So the 1st check would fail in such a case. –  rmaddy Apr 24 at 3:26
@rmaddy Thanks you . I'll update the answer. –  Akhilrajtr Apr 24 at 3:27

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