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I'm trying to add a class to the body if any parent of the current document matches specified nodeid.

For example:

If current document parent nodeid is equal to 1234 - add class "blue"

<body class="LTR Gecko Gecko28 ENUS ContentBody blue">

I it possible to achive this by using macros in webpart settings, not by editing asp?

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Hi, just wanted to ask, if it worked, or if you found a better solution? –  winner_joiner Apr 29 '14 at 6:00

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It is not a nice solution, but it would is possible (i would look into asp.net, or custom macros)

//depence when you load jQuery the window.onload = ... , could be replaced with $(...)
{%CurrentDocument.NodeId|(equals)1234|(truevalue)<script>window.onload = function()$("body").addClass("blue");}</script>|(falsevalue)#%}
//Watchout for special-characters in the script, since it could break, the macro

Beware if you upgrade this solution, the code will be altered.

Tested with Kentico v6.0.58 (SP1), in a Rich-Text Field and Chrome 33+

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