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I'm building my first experimental Google Cast app. The receiver is a small Angular app that fetches images from a JSON based api, and presents them as a slideshow.

While only one image is seen at a time, I have a few more in the DOM, but hidden (opacity = 0) so the chromecast can pre-load the images before they are to be displayed.

So... I figured I'd be OK with memory since I only have a few images in the DOM at a time. However, after a short time, the app hangs and the chromecast resets itself. In the Dev Tools, I look under Resources > Frames > (Receiver) > Images and the collection of images keeps growing (never shrinking).

Could too many images be the cause of the hangups? Is there any way to make sure they get removed from memory when they are removed from the DOM?

Thanks for helping out a newbie.

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