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Given year, month, day and week number how to find the date? e.g.

year = 2010  

month = Feb  
day = Wed   
week number = 4, how can I find that the date is 24/02/2010


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try this:

--given info
DECLARE @Year        varchar(4) --= 2010  
DECLARE @MonthName   varchar(10)  --= Feb  
DECLARE @WeekDayday  varchar(10) --= Wed   
DECLARE @WeekNumber  int         --=4
SET @Year        ='2010'
SET @MonthName   ='Feb'  
SET @WeekDayday  ='Wed'   
SET @WeekNumber  =4

--used to solve
DECLARE @StartDate datetime
       ,@EndDate   datetime
       ,@FirstWeek int

SET @StartDate='01 '+@MonthName+' '+@Year
SET @EndDate=@StartDate+38
SET @FirstWeek=DATENAME(week,@StartDate)-1

;with AllDates AS
    SELECT @StartDate AS DateOf, DATENAME(week,@StartDate)-@FirstWeek AS WeekOf, DATENAME(weekday,@StartDate) AS WeekDayOf
    SELECT DateOf+1, DATENAME(week,DateOf+1)-@FirstWeek AS WeekOf, DATENAME(weekday,DateOf+1) AS WeekDayOf
        FROM AllDates
    WHERE DateOf<@EndDate
    DateOf ,WeekOf ,WeekDayOf
    FROM AllDates
    WHERE WeekOf=@WeekNumber AND WeekDayOf LIKE @WeekDayday+'%'
    ORDER BY DateOf


DateOf                  WeekOf      WeekDayOf
----------------------- ----------- ------------------------------
2010-02-24 00:00:00.000 4           Wednesday

(1 row(s) affected)
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