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I have a python script which connects to a Db and returns the value of time in the format " %H:%M:%S\n"

I need to convert that time to seconds. How can I do this?

Below is an excerpt of the script which when run, returns a value such as -2208987824.0

p_out = 
times = [time.strptime(p_out, " %H:%M:%S\n")]
m1 = time.mktime(times[0].timetuple())
print m1
return 0

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Seconds since when? Standard unix offsets? The creation of the universe? – g.d.d.c Apr 24 '14 at 5:16

If you need total no. of seconds then just put the following code sample

p_out = 
times = [time.strptime(p_out, " %H:%M:%S\n")]
sec s = (times[0].tm_hour*60*60)+(times[0].tm_min*60)+times[0].tm_sec
print secs
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This worked perfectly. Thanks – user3354635 Apr 24 '14 at 5:44
If you satisfy with my ans. then plz do UP VOTE for me and Make it as Right Ans. – Hardikgiri Goswami Apr 24 '14 at 6:01

Use timedelta() method

import time
import datetime

sTime = "10:00:00"
tTime = time.strptime(sTime, "%H:%M:%S")
sec   = datetime.timedelta(hours=tTime.tm_hour,minutes=tTime.tm_min,
print sec
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