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I am somewhat new to Atom and am trying to fix bugs on one of the packages (terminal). From what I have read in their documentation... after I change a value I should run the [Window:Reload] command and then re-run the package (terminal). I should then see my changes.

However, this is not working for me. As a simple test I changed this line of code:

getTitle: -> 'Terminal'


getTitle: -> 'Show This Title'

I then ran the [Window:Reload] command and followed that up with the [Terminal] Command. However, once Terminal loaded the title still showed as 'Terminal'.

Am I missing a step? Or did I misread their documentation? Curious as to why this isn't working. Thanks for any advice / suggestions

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Should update if you are saving in ~/.atom/packages. Reload can also be run with ctrl+alt+r

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