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To illustrate the problem, here is a simplified version of my setup. I have a factory like this one :

public interface IFactory{ }

public class Factory : IFactory
    public Factory()

    //public Factory(int i)
    //    Console.WriteLine("with parameter : {0}", i);


the program to test this is a consoleApp. Enough to prove my point.

static void Main(string[] args)
     var factory1 = ObjectFactory.GetInstance<IFactory>();
     var factory2 = ObjectFactory.GetInstance<IFactory>();
     var factory3 = ObjectFactory.GetInstance<IFactory>();

I setup strucutreMap in my Init static method.

  public static void Init()
            ObjectFactory.Initialize(x =>
                 //insert Initialization code here.

If I have only one constructor and setup StructureMap like this :


that works perfect, and the output shows

Each call builds a new instance.

Now if I uncomment the second constructor, but I want to use the parameterless one, and with the same default lifestyle. How would I do?

I tried that :

x.SelectConstructor<IFactory>(() => new Factory());

It just doesn't work : Missing requested Instance property "i" for InstanceKey

If I do like this :

 x.For<IFactory>().Use(new Factory());

It works, but the output is just one "parameterless" meaning it's not building a new instance for each call. It's using this specific instance I pass in.

The only way I found is to add the [DefaultConstructor] on top of my parameterless constructor and use the standard x.For().Use(); But I don't want to add this attribute and spread the configuration accross my model.


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SelectConstructor takes the concrete type, not the interface. Of course, an interface doesnt have any constructor. But nothing breaks, it's just ignored.... so I couldnt spot that error.

 x.SelectConstructor<IFactory>(() => new Factory());

should be

 x.SelectConstructor<**Factory**>(() => new Factory());
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