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I have two search/replace commands that I find myself running in vim fairly often to clean up html code so I can copy/paste it online. The commands are:


I wanted a way I could map both of these commands to be run together ... I did some searching for how to use the :map commands in vimrc, however, I can't see how to combine the two lines into a single command that is run with a single keystroke (or a single sequence of strokes).


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You can put the commands on a single line separated with a bar.


But you'll have to escape it in the map command

:map <F3> :%s!<!\&lt;!g\|:%s!>!\&gt;!g<CR>
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will create a new buffer containing your previous buffer HTML-ized, including entity escaping (and syntax highlighting, if you had that enabled). See :h TOhtml for more information.

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:map <F3> :%s!<!\&lt;!<cr>:%s!>!\&gt;!<cr>    

of course can be replaced with whatever key you wish

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This didn't work if I had a couple in a row ... for example: >>> it would only replace the first one and then move on to the next line. – thornomad Feb 24 '10 at 13:20
That's only because the 'g' modifier is missing. – nickd Feb 24 '10 at 13:36
Ah sorry, I'm just too used to have set gdefault in my .vimrc – Matteo Riva Feb 24 '10 at 13:46

If you are using this search/replace pattern to HTML encode entities, you might want to check out the unimpaired plugin. Amongst other things, this provides shortcuts for encoding and decoding XML, URL and C strings.

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I've not tried it, but can you not put them on the same line separated by "<CR>"?

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