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Safari on iOS 7 is exhibiting a bug with a fixed header Nav where the click targets don't seem to map correctly to where the elements are painted.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Scroll the page until Safari's address bar shrinks and bottom toolbar disappears.
  2. Tap a button on the bottom row (for example the 'z' button).
    • This should cause the address bar to expand and the bottom toolbar to reappear.
    • Notice also that the button click does not trigger.
  3. Now try to tap a button in the top row (for example the '1' button).
    • A button lower than where the tap occurs will activate.

Some ideas I've had for a workaround would require...

  • An event that is triggered when the Safari UI state changes. I haven't seen resize or scroll trigger. Is there a mobile safari specific one I may be missing?
  • An event that I can trigger that toggles this UI state.
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Have you tried adding -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; to your header buttons?

If that works, it's probably due to layer promotion in WebKit. I can add additional info/links if it does.

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