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I need to get video from the iPhone camera and present it to the user (I do some UIView overlays) Do I get more FPS with GPUImage without any post processing?


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As compared to AV Foundation? No. Both will present raw camera data to the screen at the same framerate. – Brad Larson Apr 25 '14 at 18:43
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Brad Larson in discussion forum for GPUImage on GitHub:

"I don't know of any hard limit for framerate internally, unless you're rendering to the screen at some point. The screen might cap a refresh rate at 60 FPS when presenting the render buffer. This could potentially pause the OpenGL ES queue at that point if rendering faster than 60 FPS."

Here is a nice article on GPUImage. Don't forget that the FPS will var between various iPhone types.

Plus, check this question out on SO.

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