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So basically I need a dynamic select statement which changes references when dragged across rows or columns.

Example of what I need. =sum(query('Sheet1'!$A$1:$F$621, Indirect("Select"&$F&"Where A='ABC' AND B="&"Sheet2!"&$A1)))/20

Sample Sheet 1 (Data Sheet)..--Since I am not allowed to use images till i reach rep 10 lol :)

  1. Column 1 - Sales Sites (ABC, DEF, GHI.....)
  2. Column 2 - Sales Roles (SM, ASM, SE.....)
  3. Column 3 - Sales in Month Jan
  4. Column 4 - Sales in Month Feb
  5. Column 5 - Sales in Month Mar

Sample Sheet 2 (Desired Output)

Description (in pivot terms):

  1. Site wise (filter)
  2. Role wise (Rows)
  3. Month wise (Columns - Sum of Jan, Feb etc)
  4. Value (Sum of Jan/20)--To get day wise sales numbers


  1. I have tried using pivots, but google spreadsheets don't allow use of calculated fields in pivots in any manner (for the /20 in the formula), hence trying to achieve the same results by formula.
  2. I know a table on the basis of the pivot table could help solve this problem, but to make it more efficient I am trying to avoid using 2 tables.

Many Thanks for your help in advance, please let me know if you need additional info to understand the scenario.

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Did you ever find a solution to this? This ArrayFormula talk is all I can find –  New Alexandria Nov 20 '14 at 21:43

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