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We have a MVC3, C#, Razor, EF4.1, SQL Azure web application running within a "Standard" Website instance on Azure.

The web application is currently published without precompilation ie Views are source, C# files as one project dll in bin.

We seem to be running into the "warm up" issue whereby if the website is restarted, web.config resaved or possibly not used for a period of time, the time taken to process a page request is considerably longer than normal. I suspect this is because the application pool has dropped out of memory.

Ultimately I believe that one needs to precompile the whole site and deploy this so no JIT compilation would be required by Azure. However I am encountering a few issues with this at present.

So in the short term I am looking at what I can do now to help this problem. The first of which is to use a monitor site to "keep alive" the website by calling the landing page say every 5 mins.

I would appreciate other advice/wisdom on this. Also we are using "Standard" websites in Azure, so can we get extra privileges for say preventing the application pool from refreshing. I know one can do this in Cloud Services for example. There must be some extra things I can do in a "standard" rather than a "Shared" website instance.

Many thanks in advance.


I have made progress on this. Basically the "Standard" setup has an "Always on" config setting to retain the application pool. Thanks to this article


I have just reread this article, and it seems that all the "always on" setting is doing is what I was already doing using "uptime robot" ie auto ping the site every 5 mins, although the Azure version repings at an interval I am unsure about.

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