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I have a problem when creating / opening Monogame for Android projects with Visual Studio 2010. When I create a project, Visual just stays like frozen, with a message at the bottom left corner which says "creating project...". It won't finish to create it, no matter how much time I let it be.

The thing is that all project files are created: Activity, Game1, all subfolders... Even the .sln and the .proj When I try to open the created solution, Visual Studio opens empty, and sometimes a message pops up (I think from the Androind SDK) saying "failed to create output window for diagnostics traces".

I have no clue why VS behaves like that, I have developed the same way before and this had never happened.

Has this happened to anyone else? How can it be solved?

Thanks in advance!

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Ok, I found the solution myself. Apparently it is mandatory for VS to check new updates before creating an Andorid project; not having Internet access was the cause of the trouble. –  Miguel Apr 25 at 7:05

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