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With matplotlib its easy to plot a line with a customised dash style using

plt.plot([0, 5], [0, 5], dashes=(20.0, 20.0))


lines = plt.plot([0, 5], [0, 5])
lines[0].set_dashes((20.0, 20.0))

and while its possible to plot arrows with a dashed style

plt.arrow(0, 0, 5, 5, linestyle='dashed')

I can't seem to figure out how to plot arrows with a custom dash style

arrow = plt.arrow(0, 0, 5, 5)

as using the plot function's dashes parameter gives

AttributeError: 'FancyArrow' object has no attribute 'set_dashes'

and as the error mentions the returned FancyArrow has no set_dashes() method. Is it possible?

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Currently, I don't think it possible as the Arrow class only supports 'solid' | 'dashed' | 'dashdot' | 'dotted' four different linestyles. In order to be able to use a customized dash style, the object must have ._dashSeq property, which Arrow lacks. Therefore I can see the reason why .set_dashes.

That being said, currently even though the .set_linestyle method is provided for Arrow, you can't, say, set to anything other than the 4 styles listed above. That means things such as .set_linestyle('-') is not possible.

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