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I write matlab program(cuda) for generate key.

how to optimize cuda program for get better performance?

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If you provided more details, it might be easier to answer the question. –  Jørgen Fogh Feb 24 '10 at 14:27
i think this question is very unclear –  shuvalov Feb 25 '10 at 8:36
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You need to spend some time learning the CUDA programming tools and architecture. There is a lot of good info at developer.nvidia.com and they have active and helpful forums there for CUDA developers - a great place for noobs to get up to speed on CUDA development.

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There is a ton of training material on the NVIDIA website, specifically checkout the training page and sign up for at least one of the free online seminars (pre-recorded sessions also available, same link).

Once you've got started, post code either on the NVIDIA CUDA forums or here on StackOverflow and the community will likely help out, but you'll need more specific questions to get more specific answers!

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  • First of all, use a parallel algorithm
  • Tune memory access pattern (coalesce reads,etc)
  • Use textures, shared memory
  • Tune core occupancy (check cuda excel spreadsheet)
  • use streams

You should read the programming guide and best practices. Programming Gems are also very good.

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