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I want to add degree symbol to this label in xaml.Please tell me how to do it?

<Label Content="{Binding CelsiusTemperature}"  />
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You can use the ContentStringFormat for Label:

Gets or sets a composite string that specifies how to format the Content property if it is displayed as a string.


<Label Content="{Binding Path=CelsiusTemperature}" 
       ContentStringFormat="{}{0}°" />
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Use a TextBlock instead of a Label and set the StringFormat property of the Binding:

<TextBlock Text="{Binding CelsiusTemperature, StringFormat={}{0}°}"/>

If for whatever reason you really need a Label, you may set its ContentStringFormat property instead of the Binding's StringFormat, or just use a TextBlock as the Label's Content:

    <TextBlock Text="{Binding CelsiusTemperature, StringFormat={}{0}°}"/>
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