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I need to create an extension for Internet Explorer and I need it to be EXE Com server. First, I created a simple COM DLL project using ATL wizard as described here and it worked very well, IE loaded my extension and it showed my message boxes. Next, I repeated all these steps but created COM EXE project. I registered it the same way and Internet Explorer can see the extension but it does not work. My functions IObjectWithSite::SetSite and IObjectWithSite::GetSite aren't called. Could you please advice me how to resolve this problem?

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Your setup is indistinguishable from a virus that infected the machine. You cannot convince IE to start talking to an out-of-process server, it doesn't have any way to sandbox it. A BHO must be in-process, rock-hard requirement. – Hans Passant Apr 24 '14 at 11:30

You can not register Out-of-Process COM server as a BHO, but you can call COM server from your BHO. E.g. you can use late binding:

CComDispatchDriver pServer;
if (SUCCEEDED(pServer.CoCreateInstance(CLSID_YourComServer)) {
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Make sure you have build and register proxy-stub dll for your project (auto generated project with YourServerPS.dll name).

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