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I have a chain of several msi packages and are about to implement a custom bootstrapper application that allows the user to select one or more of the packages to be installed.

Until now I have not found a suggested solution, so this is what I think should work:

  • Bundle.wxs:
    <Wix ...>
      <Bundle ...>
        <BootstrapperApplicationRef ..>

          <MsiPackage SourceFile="Part1.msi" InstallCondition="Part1" />
          <MsiPackage SourceFile="Part2.msi" InstallCondition="Part2" />
          <MsiPackage SourceFile="Part3.msi" InstallCondition="Part3" />

  • Somewhere in the bootstrapper code:
    this.BootstrapperApplication.Engine.NumericVariables["Part1"] = 1;
    this.BootstrapperApplication.Engine.NumericVariables["Part2"] = 0;
    this.BootstrapperApplication.Engine.NumericVariables["Part3"] = 1;

Is this the way to go or are there other/better means of telling the engine which packages to actually install/uninstall?

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