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I have one problem; I want to run a foreach-loop and in the loop shall be items with the actual iterating number created.

My code so far:

{foreach from=$bilder item=item name=foreach_gallery}
    {capture assign=shopBild}
       <img src="{page_url page=$item}" border="0" alt="{$item->field.name}" title="{$item->field.title}" />
        <td width="250">
            <input type="text" size="2" name="pic_id{$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration}" value="{$item->field.id}" readonly>
              {input type="text" name="articlename$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration" title="Artikelbezeichnung:"}<br/>
              {input type="textarea" name="description$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration" title="Artikelbeschreibung:"}<br/>
              {input type="text" name="articleid$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration" title="Artikelnummer:"}<br/>
              {input type="text" name="prize$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration" title="Preis:"}<br/>

it works fine for the

<input type="text" size="2" name="pic_id{$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration}" value="{$item->field.id}" readonly> 

element but not in {input ...}. Any idea why it doesn't work in the second case and how I could solve this problem?

Greez Sebastian

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You can try :

<input type="text" name="articlename{$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration}" title="Artikelbezeichnung:"> 

instead of :

{input type="text" name="articlename$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration" title="Artikelbezeichnung:"}

hope i help you.

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yeah this would work, but {input} builds an unique <input> with much more styles and div's around. –  Sebastian Röher Apr 24 at 10:22
when you say it don't work, the problem is it display something like that : <input type="text" name="articlename$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration" title="Artikelbezeichnung:"> or that : <input type="text" name="articlename" title="Artikelbezeichnung:"> or something else? –  ekans Apr 24 at 10:28
I found the solution and posted it as answer on my own Question I hope if some one others got a similar issue it will help him. –  Sebastian Röher Apr 24 at 10:49
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I found the solution how to execute smarty in a smarty-tag:

{input type="text" name="articlename`$smarty.foreach.foreach_gallery.iteration`" title="Artikelbezeichnung:"}

You need to wrap the smarty-code with ``

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