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I have a Website class that has 3 get,set properties ID, Name, URL.

For other hand i have a method that gets from database websites, and return a List

I would like to bind this List into a Spinner.

My questions are two:

  • Its possible to add these websites list into a Spinner ?

  • As my website class has the property ID and Name, is possible that after a item of the spinner is selected, have the ID and Name of the item website selected ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best Regards.


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You can subclass CursorAdapter that will query db for the websites and set it via yourSpinner.setAdapter(..).

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Hi Alex, first of all thanks for your response. What do you mean with subclass it? why are the benefits that i can get with it? –  Josemalive Feb 26 '10 at 11:53

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