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i have a big problem with angularjs. Here is my code:


function testCt($scope){
    $scope.types = [
        {name:'fruit',label:'To Fruit'},
        {name:'meat',label:'To Meat'},
        {name:'other',label:'To Other'}

    $scope.foods = [

    $scope.selected = null;
    $scope.selectFood = function(food) {
        $scope.selected = food;

And the view:

<div ng-app ng-controller="testCt">
        <li ng-repeat="food in foods" ng-click="selectFood(food)">
    <select data-ng-model='selected' data-ng-options=' as t.label for t in types'></select>
    {{}} <br> {{selected.type}}

The problem is, the angular js not binding to select element the food what i clicked. Here is the fiddle:

When i choose one food from list, the select element not bind to type. Thank for help :)

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try this:

data-ng-options="t as t.label for t in types"


you have to set t as reference, not (no attributes name or type in

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Did you try ngSelected? Here're the docs:

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Try this:

Change Your controller function


   $scope.selectFood = function(food) {
   $scope.selected = food;


   $scope.selectFood = function(food) {
   $scope.selected = food.type;

It will work..

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no it wont work :p (no access to for example ...) – nilsK Apr 24 '14 at 13:25

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