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I am facing a strange issue. I have a java web application that uses JPA 2, Hibernate and Spring. I have an entity say PayScale which has two properties with following configuration.

<id name="id"> <generated-value strategy="TABLE" generator="PAYBAND_SEQ" /> <table-generator name="PAYBAND_SEQ" table="GJ_SEQUENCE_TABLE" pk-column-name="SEQ_NAME" value-column-name="SEQ_COUNT" pk-column-value="PAYBAND_SEQ" initial-value="1001" allocation-size="1" />


<basic name="name" optional="false"> <column name="NAME" length="100" nullable="false" unique="true" /> </basic>

I am firing a select query to fetch PayScale entity. And passing this entity to JSP view by adding this entity in Spring ModelAndView. I am fetching both the properties using EL like ${payScale.id} and ${payScale.name}. It is working as expected in Tomcat in development environment but ${payScale.id} is not returning valid id production on JBOSS. ${payScale.name} is working fine in both the environments.

To me it looks like this issue could be because of hibernate/JPA managed primary key generation logic.

This issue is coming on production.So I am in urgent help.

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Show your code, and use code blocks to show it. The editor has a button for that which looks like {} –  JB Nizet Apr 24 '14 at 11:23

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