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I've a Html page index.htm which has an iframe to page search.htm the search.htm has code like this

function executeSearch() {     
        window.parent.location = "/SearchResults.aspx?t=" + txt_Search.value;

this code executed now from index.htm page and it works great on IE and Chrome, but not FireFox ... is there any work around ?? I tried window.parent.location.href, window.opener.location, window.parent.document.location ... but nothing of those worked.

after searching the web i found some one with similar prob he said that this is a security settings in Firefox ... is this true?? and if so is there any workaround ?

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Do you get any security error in the console? Can you post code example? –  NoBugs Nov 29 '12 at 2:08

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Try using window.top.location.href instead.

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