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I'm using twig in my Symfony2 project to render templates form variable:

$env = new \Twig_Environment(new \Twig_Loader_String());
$render = $env->render(

But when I trying to use Symfony twig functions(such as 'path', 'url', 'asset', 'controller', etc) it throws exception "The function "path" does not exist in...". There is the way to inject this function to the Twig_Environment?

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Try this :

$twig = clone $this->get('twig');
$twig->setLoader(new \Twig_Loader_String());
$rendered = $twig->render(
    "Test string template: {{ result|humanize }}",
    array("result" => "mega_success")

cf. How to render a string as a Twig template in Symfony2

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I wonder if there are any gotchas when cloning the original twig environment (like potential memory problems or strange side effects in the original environment)? – Dimitry K Oct 18 '15 at 21:23

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