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I’m creating a payment gateway for WooCommerce. The payment gateway works by first sending the card details in XML, which then if they get verified you do a save request and send the person’s details and ID again being sent in XML. I have this working and I have the following as an example of a payment gateway in WooCommerce: http://www.readerspark.com/threads/how-to-create-payment-gateway-plugin-for-woocommerce.170/. My problem is marrying the two together.

What I ideally want to do is call what I have done in the example code’s function generate_techprocess_form then if I get back a successful from the payment people then I can just return a successful response and the example in the link I have should mostly do the rest.

What I am getting stuck with is how do I return a successful transaction. I assume it’s in generate_techprocess_form but I need to return something that triggers it to go to the thank you page but I’m really confused as to what I return to WooCommerce to get a successful response? At the moment I just want to trigger it with a submit button or something. Can any one tell me how I might do this?

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