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I have made this strtuctre

 typedef struct
        short int type;
        int taille;
        short int reserved;
        int offst;
        int header_size;
        int width;
        int height;
        short int plans;
        short int bitperpixel;
        int compression;
        int bmptaille;
        int Hresolu;
        int Vresolu;
        int nbcouleurs;
        int nbcouleursimp;
    } info_header;

then I have open the file and verify if it's well open with this function

void ouverture_file( FILE * fichier1)
    if (fichier1==NULL)
    printf("probleme ouverture fichier\n");
    printf("fichier est bien ouvert\n");

(this code down is in main )

FILE* fichier=NULL;
    fichier= fopen("lena.bmp","rb+");
    info_header * bmpheader=NULL;

now I want to know how could i copy the header into the infoheader structure then print the first octet where the pixels begins.

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Copy? You must mean fread. See… for complete code. All you need to immediately position to the pixel offset is to fseek to info_header.offst. – Jongware Apr 25 '14 at 23:56

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