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Can any body tell me the differences between them?

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Are you referring to C++ and Embedded C++? –  mdec Oct 24 '08 at 9:58

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In the C standard, a standalone implementation doesn't have to provide all of the library functions that a hosted implementation has to provide. The C standard doesn't care about embedded, but vendors of embedded systems usually provide standalone implementations with whatever amount of libraries they're willing to provide.

C is a widely used general purpose high level programming language mainly intended for system programming.

Embedded C is an extension to C programming language that provides support for developing efficient programs for embedded devices.It is not a part of the C language

You can also refer below article

Difference between C and Embedded C
Embedded C

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Basically, there isn't one. Embedded refers to the hosting computer / microcontroller, not the language. The embeddded system might have fewer resources and interfaces for the programmer to play with, and hence C will be used differently, but it is still the same ISO defined language.

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Embedded C is a standardised extension of the C language with features which are commonly used in embedded systems but not elsewhere such as fixed point arithmetic. –  Graeme Jan 14 at 7:13


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Why was it voted down? –  Srikanth Oct 24 '08 at 7:20
I learned something today... :-) –  PhiLho Oct 24 '08 at 9:28
I'd say it was voted down because answers consisting of nothing but a link suck. The important parts should be paraphrased here. –  cHao Nov 1 '11 at 22:57

Embedded environment, sometime, there is no MMU, less memory, less storage space. In C programming level, almost same, cross compiler do their job.

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