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I am a completely new beginner on Angular and Restangular stuff. I do have a couple a REST services i want use and i was told to give a shoot with Angular.

I checked links, read the necessary to understand a bit and i was able to create a first app similar to this one.

Minor changes i've made:

Line 20 - 24

        id: 'id_refano'

Line 37 : fetching here all datas. Working fine.

function ListCtrl($scope, Restangular) {
   $scope.projects = Restangular.all("/Amail/Anomalies/?login_maj_statut=MYNAME&statut=3").getList().$object;

Line 8 - 16 : fetching here the selected item. working fine.

when('/edit/:projectId', {
        resolve: {
          project: function(Restangular, $route){
            return Restangular.one('Amail/AnomaliesbyId?id_refano='+$route.current.params.projectId).get();

PROBLEM : How to save ? ( put )

  1. I can see data to me updated and i understood ( hope so ) that when clicking on Save button, ng-click is opening save()
  2. I don't understand how it works from this point.

I would like to send a put request to one of my WS at the following adress http://localhost:9090/AR004/Anomaliesput/put/ passing the whole modified object.

In theory, i think i should modify the following by redirecting to another url.

  $scope.save = function() {
    $scope.project.put().then(function() {

May i ask someone to explain me how to modify it ?



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