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First of all I imputed my train data with mice package as randomForest does not work on NA data, then when I calculated my test set predictions, it returns me NAs in the probabilities but when I type :


it gives the following error:

Error in predict.randomForest(model, newdata = test, type = "prob") : 'prob' or 'vote' not meaningful for regression

As my probabilities are in the second column, but when I remove the argument type="prob" then the predictions work fine except the fact that some of the probabilities contain NAs. I also tried to impute the test set predictions using mice package, amelia and missForest, but all returned somewhat the same reason:

For Amelia: Error in colSums(!is.na(x)) : 'x' must be an array of at least two dimensions  
For missForest: Error in apply(is.na(xmis), 2, sum) : dim(X) must have a positive length  
For mice: Error in mice(testPred) : Data should be a matrix or data frame

Someone please tell me how to improve the model in the first time to not get any NAs in the probabilities, if not possible then how to impute my test set predictions.

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