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Hi I can't seem to find an answer to this question. I have a User Control with a ToolBar only in a .net library This toolbar is set to an specific width which creates a problem when adding other controls in forms that are bigger than that width. So when using the control to a form it just uses that width and can't be modified. I'd like to set it to use the container form width and I can't figure how to do that. The Dock property is set to Top as expected, but the width doesn't seem to be able to be modified.

Any ideas I could try?

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Never mind. I found that the setting for the user control MaximumSize was set to the ToolBar size in it (during the Load method). Pretty bizarre in my opinion. So as long as is Dock to top the UserControl and no other property like that one I mentioned is blocking the ToolBar from using its parent container everything should be Ok. –  user3223834 Apr 24 at 14:26

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