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The Location object in javascript contains information about the url - like host, hostname, href, pathname, hash etc.

Is there an equivalent object in Java that lets me get the same information out from a html document ?

I searched google for an answer but I could not find an answer.

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Do you mean like java.net.URL? Or are you talking about getting the current page URL within a specific Java technology like Servlets or JSP or JSF, etc? –  Edwin Dalorzo Apr 24 at 13:04
No I am talking in java SE. –  Anupam Apr 24 at 13:06
Then java.net.URL is what you're looking for. –  Edwin Dalorzo Apr 24 at 13:07

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You will be looking for InetAddress

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But IneyAdrress does not contain URI information like the protocol, the path, etc. –  Edwin Dalorzo Apr 24 at 13:03
That is true. In which case your option of java.net.URL would be more suitable –  Lex Webb Apr 24 at 13:09

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