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I am developong Firefox Add-on that uses localStorage to store user data in website context. It access localStorage via injected content scripts using standard methods:

localStorage.setItem(key, value);

The code that calls localStorege is injected to website via PageMod:

    contentScriptFile: ["app.js")

When methods getItem/setItem are called, security exception is thrown:

[Exception... "The operation is insecure." code: "18" nsresult: "0x80530012 (SecurityError)" location: ""]

So far I did not find out the reason why this is happening. I have an suspicion that it may have something to do with old FireFox bug, but probability is low:

Maybe anyone could suggest an idea what could cause a problem?

Additional info:

  • We are using Addon SDK 1.16
  • Problem occurs since FF 29.0 RC1 (everything works with FF 28)
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I couldn't produce this exception with Aurora (30) or Nightly (31) – paa Apr 24 '14 at 17:54
Yup, we're in the same boat. Broken for 29, fine for Aurora and nightly. I suspect this is a bug in FF29. – CleanTheRuck May 1 '14 at 22:32

We also have an extension and are getting the same error with local storage. This is a bug with 29, as @basarat notes this error should only be thrown for CORS issues. We've tested with Aurora and Nightly with no issues either. We're filing a bug with Mozilla.

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The operation is insecure. should only be thrown when you load a JavaScript file cross domain. To enable is operation as secure the domain serving the JS file must enable CORS :

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This is tricky part, because in this case JavaScript file is loaded from browser resources. E.g. URL resource://my-extension/data/js/extension.js Also same error is thrown, when CORS is disabled in Firefox – xb1itz Apr 24 '14 at 13:40

As previously noted, this is a bug in Firefox 29 and should be resolved in version 30:

For the time being, you can work around this issue by reassigning the localStorage object used in your content script:

var localStorage = unsafeWindow.localStorage;
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